It Seems that Every Time I Fix Something, Something Else is Still Broken

It’s been an interesting lab today. I got a working microphone from a classmate, and hooked that up with one of the led strips that my professor told me was fixed, only to have a lot of trouble getting the led strip to work. It turns out the jumper cables I was using to connect the led strip to the Arduino were pretty unreliable, so I soldered wires onto the strip that would more easily plug into the Arduino, and tried to move forward from there. When I plugged everything into the board to do a finall test before building the suspenders I had intended to build last week, neither my laptop nor the mac I’d been using in the lab would upload the code. They both even rejected the simplest Blink sample code for a few minutes, but after waiting a bit, I was able to upload code eventually, though both computers will just spontaneously quit. I sat working with one of my TAs, Nikki, trying to figure this out, but we got nowhere. I’m still not able to get the leds to light up from my sample code. I think I will begin building the suspenders themselves and schedule a meeting with my professor to sort out the code. 


Dead Parts

I’ve been working in the lab for at least an hour tonight, and the led strip I was using to test code just died. I guess maybe I should have considered that these strips may have a lifespan, but I was using a strip of 60 leds, and it now won’t respond to any code at all. The reason I hadn’t cut this strip smaller for tests was because I didn’t want to cut the weatherproofing, in case someone else in my iDesign class eventually decided they wanted a weatherproofed strip for their project. But now it’s dead. I was running test code on the strip when the blue bulbs went out, then the green, and the red was blinking manically for a few moments before it went out too. Now the strip does not respond at all. 

A small happy moment: I figured out which part of the sample code cycles the colors the way I want, and I’ve combined it with the code I had for the microphone. Problem is, I don’t know if it actually works and I have no way to test it.