Dead Parts

I’ve been working in the lab for at least an hour tonight, and the led strip I was using to test code just died. I guess maybe I should have considered that these strips may have a lifespan, but I was using a strip of 60 leds, and it now won’t respond to any code at all. The reason I hadn’t cut this strip smaller for tests was because I didn’t want to cut the weatherproofing, in case someone else in my iDesign class eventually decided they wanted a weatherproofed strip for their project. But now it’s dead. I was running test code on the strip when the blue bulbs went out, then the green, and the red was blinking manically for a few moments before it went out too. Now the strip does not respond at all. 

A small happy moment: I figured out which part of the sample code cycles the colors the way I want, and I’ve combined it with the code I had for the microphone. Problem is, I don’t know if it actually works and I have no way to test it.