Long Hours of Hard Work

I sat working in the lab today from 1:00 pm to 6:15 pm hand-stitching together the suspenders. I used hand-stitching to tack lines of conductive thread from the chains of rgb leds to the Squarewear I am using as the main open source hardware for the project.(http://www.adafruit.com/blog/2013/11/27/squarewear-2-0-arduino-compatible-wearablewednesday/ImageImageImageImageImageImageTo attach the conductive threads to the squarewear without crossing them, I sewed on some small metal snaps, and tied the conductive threads to these snaps. I then connected these snaps to the proper pins on the Squarewear using some wire I cut and stripped with scissors. As a result, the circuit for the suspenders is now complete, though it’s very glitchy and temperamental. I will post a video of the suspenders soon.


It’s Funny, But When I Set Out to Make Wearables, I Never Expect to do This Much Hand Sewing

less with sticking connecting them (both front and back of suspenders shown)

leds with hand-stitching connecting them (both front and back of suspenders shown)

It’s taking a really long time to stitch all these LEDs together into a chain on the suspenders. In addition to attaching them to the suspenders themselves, (which took about 6 hours), I have to hand sew connections between the LEDs, which requires three lines of conductive thread connecting all the LEDs. This probably took another 5 hours….

Edit: I’ve discovered that a lot of the connections I made between leds on the front of the suspenders unraveled. A good way to secure knots it by covering them with clear nail polish, which did manage to save some of my connections, although I ended up having to redo half of them.