Beginning Construction

Still having problems with my code, but I’m off for Thanksgiving break, and I decided a good project to take with me was sewing the leds onto the suspenders, thus beginning construction. I’d originally intended to use a Neopixel led strip from Adafruit, but then realized that the suspenders are elastic, and need to stretch, but the continuous led strip of made of a plastic, which understandable has no give in it at all. Luckily, when ordering supplies I’d ordered a few of these Neopixel flora individual leds intended for wearable projects. (¬†Sewing these on individually will not prevent the suspenders from fitting properly. However, these pixels are rather costly, and come out to be about $2 each unless you are ordering massive quantities of them.

Edit: I had not expected how long it would take to sew these pixels on. Although they look quite nice, in total it probably took me about 6 hours to sew all 16 pixels onto the suspenders.