Finicky Code

I’d altered the code, and worked with my professor to try to work out some bugs. Today, we figured out that the soundSensed program I copied from some old code took too long to spit out information to properly work with the altered led code to get the light strip to respond better with the sound sensed from the microphone. I’ve sent the code to my professor, and plan on working with her to get all this sorted out tomorrow.



I spent at least 2 hours today working with my code when I finally got my hands on a led strip I borrowed from a friend. Initially, I thought my code worked, but it doesn’t seem to have much response to any input from the microphone. When I tried to switch my code and microphone over to the Arduino Uno so I could run the serial monitor, I ran into serious problems. I wanted to use the serial monitor to analyze the input received from the microphone, but whenever I try to run it, nothing happens. I’m not sure if this is a problem with my code or my computer settings. My professor and I suspect it has do do with my computer settings, but I don’t know, and there’s not much I can do to progress from here until I figure it out, especially since I still don’t have a working led strip. I may have to use the small individual flora neopixels that I bought for my second project, and order more later. I think if I can’t make much progress with the code, I will at least move forward with building, since I finally got my hands on a pair of suspenders.