I made a rainbow led belt!

Went into the lab today to finish up the led belt I started yesterday. Yesterday, I sewed it for a couple hours, measuring out the fabric, folding it in half, sewing it, trimming off the excess, then folding, sewing, and trimming a second time so that the fabric would be stable and not too transparent. I then slipped in the weatherproof led strip (which was the larger strip shown in one of my previous code test videos), and decided to call it a night.


Today, I went back, and tried on the belt. Realizing it was much to wide to fit in belt loops, I sewed the facbric sleeve as narrow as I could get it around the weatherproof strip. Then I glued velcro onto my second squarewear and the fabric, and hooked up the led strip. It’s really quite pretty. My only complaint is that the code is not very responsive to the light sensor at all, but I went back and looked through the code, and couldn’t figure out why.





Finicky Code

I’d altered the code, and worked with my professor to try to work out some bugs. Today, we figured out that the soundSensed program I copied from some old code took too long to spit out information to properly work with the altered led code to get the light strip to respond better with the sound sensed from the microphone. I’ve sent the code to my professor, and plan on working with her to get all this sorted out tomorrow.